High Level Software Project Consoluting Service

From now on, I offer a high level Software project consulting service.

This means that I take a role outside of the in-the-trenches work of your project.
My contribution is to provide guidance and supervision, mostly at the meta level.
Being outside of the in-the-trenches work enables me to keep an overview and really see the whole thing.

E.g, I can help you with the following things:

  • Which people/experience/skills you need on your team
  • Helping you to become aware of the risks you are really taking when starting a software project. (and therefore hopefully you will assess whether you are really willing and capable to take that risk)
  • Helping you to find out whether a software project really solves the problem you are trying to solve with it.
  • Helping you to find out what you need to do before starting a software project even makes sense.
  • Helping you to explore options when a software project is off-track.
  • When involved on a regular basis: Help you to recognize the state and health of your software project.

In many cases my role will be to ask provocative questions that make you think about things you might not have been aware of before.

I am very confident that I can provide a valuable service, because:

  • I have 30+ years of experience in software development.
  • Experience with leading software projects. Both in my company and outside. With up to 10 people on the team.
  • Being directly involved in requirements engineering, and corrected the course of that when needed.
  • Extensive psychological knowledge and experience from 17+ years of psychotherapy and other activities.
  • Highly trained intuition when it comes to software projects. Including the human aspects of it.

My hourly rate for this service is US$ 200. (I may rise that fee later. So engage me while I am still at this level.)

We can do the consulting via Skype or on-site.
For on-site consulting you’ll also pay for travel cost and travel time.

All consulting has to be paid in advance.

More details provided on request. Just ask me.

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