"The system is performing well – it just works."

"DemoRecorder is an integral part of the successful operation of Airways’ air-traffic control systems. Chris has a strong work ethic and customer focus, and I’ve enjoyed working with him as he’s enhanced DemoRecorder suitably for our needs. The system is performing well – it just works."

Jeffrey Ross, Principal Software Engineer
Airways Corporation of NZ

"Top Qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity"

"Christian is the only programmer I know, who does not over-promise, and delivers on time.

I have hired him to improve some legacy component code, which prevented us from finishing i18n of our software.

Instead of being defensive when confronted with bugs, he simply fixes them. His code modifications worked so well, that I did not need to inspect the code. Modifications will be released as open source, and I trust in his craftsmanship."

Dušan Peterc
Arahne, d.o.o.

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