New Release of DemoRecorder-24×7: Added Mouse-click and Keyboard Recording

There is a new release of DemoRecorder-24×7 with version number

DemoRecorder-24×7 is our screen recorder product for mission critical 24×7 recording.

It runs on systems using the X11-window system
which includes Linux and most Unix-like operating systems.

It is designed for use in areas like air traffic control and railway traffic control.
( see also our testimonials )

You can download the new version from:

Installation requires sysadmin skills because the recording process is to be installed as an X11-proxy.
If you need help for that please write to support at

Compared to the last release the following has changed:

  1. mouse-click and keyboard recording and playback:
    • For showing the keyboard-image in playback, please use option –show-keyboard-image for “demorec”
    • For showing the event-list in playback, please use option –show-eventlist for “demorec”
    • keyboard recording is disabled by default for security reasons
      because recording passwords can be a security problem.
    • To enable it please use option “-enable-keyrec” for demorec-proxy.
    • There is an API for enabling and disabling keyboard
      recording. See the API source tree for details.
      It also contains a dummy password entry example
      which disables keyboard recording temporarily
      while the password is entered.
      Other examples are for

      • querying the keyboard recording mode, and displaying it,
      • changing the keyboard recording mode.
  2. support for XInput and XKB extensions with XCB-based lean-proxy.
    In the last few months I have fixed the following things there:

    • fix the XCB protocol description for XInput and XKB.
    • fixed issues with sequence-numbers. Especially those needed for XCB-clients.
    • support for byteswapped clients with XInput and XKB is fixed now.

      For testing the byteswapped stuff I have
      reactivated my old Sparc Blade 100 and
      installed Linux on it.
      Byteswapping was also implicitly tested with a test computer from a customer.

    • general testing and bugfixing.
    • set the version number to

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