One year full-time business

By now it’s a year that I have left my last employee job. (which was at Eurofunk, a company providing command and control centers for the public sector, airports, industry, etc).

Since then I have been running my own business full-time.

It’s sometimes still a bumpy ride, but by and large it works well.

Of course, a company can only successful due to its relationships with other businesses and people.
(And of course a business has to provide good value so that all relationships are win-win relationships. I am working diligently to provide good value and I feel that this is appreciated by my customers.)

Therefore I am very thankful to everybody who is involved with my business and therefore makes its success possible.

Especially I am very thankful to:

  • my customers, for our good business relationships and for choosing my products and solutions.
  • my bank, Raiffeisenverband Salzburg for our good business relationship, their support and good understanding of the needs of a business,
  • my webhosters who reliably host my websites and provide excellent support when needed,
  • the companies and people who provide me with business education and mentoring, especially Perry Marshall & Associates.

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