Just returned from a trip to the US

I have just returned from a great business trip to the US.

In Chicago I have done several things to get a good and spiritually founded direction for my business.

I have done the following in Chicago:

  • a Sozo session with Margaret Nagib, which was an amazing experience.
  • have attended Perry Marshall’s “Memos from the head-office” seminar which was a great great great experience. It finally helped me to know what my mission is.
  • and more great things… (which I may or may not write about)

Chicagoland is a great place on earth.
It feels like what they call a “thin place”. Where you are more connected with God than in most other places.

People show that they love each other in all everyday transactions.
Great place, great people.

Then I went to another place in the US and visited a customer.
This is confidential, so I won’t write any more details about this here.

I’ll post more of the consequences of this trip.

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